Bringing The World To You

CultureQuest™Business equips global professionals, public sector employees, educators, and students with the essential and comprehensive cross-cultural knowledge and skills needed to understand and succeed in the complex global business arena. CQ Business provides professionals, educators and students with a valuable and unique resource to enhance and expand training and learning programs -- and supplement courses in business and management studies.

Each program provides you with in-depth knowledge on doing business with people from a specific culture or country, explaining in detail the culture, local nuances, business practices, and protocol. Our unique interactive format enables you to see, hear, and experience each country firsthand through vivid in-country videos and engaging narration. Cost and time-efficient, the CultureQuest series combines user-friendly technology with superior, unique, and culture-specific content.

Subscription access by the country, by the month or for the year. You choose.

The hallmark of our innovative learning solutions is the presentation of highly interactive programs that fully involve the users. Our unique strength focuses on partnering our extensive global and cultural expertise with leading-edge, engaging, user-friendly learning tools.

Using CultureQuest™ Business can mean the difference between success and failure. With sharpened global business skills, you will communicate more effectively, increase sales, negotiate favorable deals quickly, maximize productivity in your global teams’ operations, and avoid embarrassing mistakes that could impact your profitability.

Our learning programs are results-oriented, dynamic, and easily accessible.

  • Proprietary-created by teams of seasoned country specialists living and working around the world
  • Up-to-date and relevant-premium quality, accurate, and engaging
  • Unbiased and Globally Centric-our unique approach to content development ensures a balanced, accurate, and reliable approach to country and culture information


More than Eighty Essential Topics Per Country

Each of our engaging, country-specific CultureQuest Business programs provides you with in-depth knowledge on culture, country, and local business related topics. Our unique, interactive format enables you to see, hear, and experience each country firsthand through extensive, vivid, in-country videos, engaging narration, and original role-plays supplemented by at least 150 pages of text.

Each country program covers more than eighty topics that include :

  • Country - Geography, historical highlights, economy, government, attitudes towards foreigners
  • Local culture - Values and customs, religions, demographics, education
  • Doing business - Communicating, networking, developing business relationships, negotiating, management and decision-making styles, risk-taking philosophies, women in business
  • Work interactions - Greetings, business card exchanges, conducting meetings, managing employees
  • Protocol - The do’s and don’ts of professional and social behavior
  • Travel tips - Getting around, currency, emergency needs, safety



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Learning & Interactive Benefits

By experiencing cultures and countries firsthand through interactive features, you will retain more information and gain a real understanding of the local culture. Through vivid visuals, narration, and interactivity, you can see and hear local sights and sounds.

  • See local cities, business centers, offices, sights, and people through up-to-date footage.
  • Experience sixty minutes of video and narration consisting of short, topic-specific vignettes averaging three minutes.
  • Hear engaging narration that explains how and why people in the culture think and act.
  • Read and reference - More than 150 pages of detailed, up-to-date text pages

             Access extensive reference materials including religions of the world, protocols, travel tips.

  • Get involved --
    • Observe key business and social interactions.
    • Navigate through text using links to explore topics in greater depth.
    • Self-tests to assess retention.
    • Create customized notes for easy reference while in-country.
    • Navigate easily through the user-friendly program to find the information you need.

Users can experience countries firsthand through our programs’ interactive features -- increasing retention rates and enabling them to get an in-depth understanding of the local business culture.

Our Team of Seasoned, Highly-Qualified Country, Culture and Global Business EXPERTS are more than just generalists!

At our core competence, we are country, culture, and global business experts. We are a recognized leader in the field of cross-cultural learning and knowledge. Our content development teams are seasoned global experts, who are as diverse as our rich content. As a group, they are diverse in terms of race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, geographic location, and experience. As experienced academics, businesspeople, and global experts, our experts are highly trained; possess a Masters or PhD in business or the social sciences and humanities; and, have experience working and living around the world. We draw upon country, culture, and subject matter experts from around the globe.

We use an exhaustive process of checks and balances to ensure accuracy, quality, and integrity. Our teams create engaging, unbiased, and accurate material that brings each country and culture to life. Our team of experienced photographers and film editors create moving visuals that tell the complete story of a country and its people and immerse users in the local sights and sounds.


  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Internet, Intranet and Extranet
  • CD-ROM