Bringing The World To You

In today’s global world, successful companies and public and private institutions recognize that there are wide cultural differences around the world and these continue to heavily impact how people do business. Global institutions understand the imperative to successfully navigate the cultural gaps impacting their workforce, customers, and partners.

Differences in business practices, communication, and management styles can impact a range of interactions. Whether a large or small institution, there’s no room for error or delays—which may result from cultural misunderstandings and miscommunications. These miscues can and often do impact the bottom line.

An understanding of culture will affect a firm’s and its employees’ abilities to enter a local market; develop and maintain business relationships; negotiate successful deals; conduct sales, marketing and advertising campaigns; and, engage in manufacturing and distribution. Firms now understand the need to conduct a cultural analysis, just as they would conduct a technical or market analysis.

As one of the premier providers of culture, country, and business resources for global institutions across a range of industries, Atma Global can help your company successfully navigate the local cultural nuances of doing business around the world.

Our learning programs enable firms to provide a high-quality, reliable, and globally consistent training resource to its global workforce. Corporations and public and private sector institutions have added our learning products to their intranets and to their Learning Management Systems for expanded course offerings.

Our Cultural Advisory Services (CAS) provides thought leadership to global private and public sector institutions and assists them in understanding the impact of culture on their global business operations and objectives. Organizations have utilized our thought knowledge expertise to better interpret and assess the impact of culture on specific global operations, including sales and marketing, training programs, human resources, and strategy and business development – enhancing the effectiveness of their corporate initiatives with a focus on driving results.

Whether used independently or as part of an integrated package, our learning programs and Cultural Advisory Services are designed to drive maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

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