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Impact of Culture on Global Business Management

Here’s a suggested way to integrate Atma Insights videos into a lesson plan on Culture and Global Management.


What Is Culture and Why Does It Matter?

What is Culture?
Why Does Culture Matter?



Coming Soon! Video: My Culture is Better than Your Culture

These suggested topics can be added to any curriculum for teaching courses on global business and management that cover the fundamentals of multinational firm management and the role of the global manager at the two- and four-year undergraduate and MBA levels.

Blended learning enables global educators to integrate instructor-led classes with our proprietary, digital supplemental resources designed to speak with authenticity to technologically-savvy students who see national borders as bridges and not barriers.

Start exploring country, culture and global business videos – and thanks for being part of the Atma community!

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Coming Soon releases include:

  • Understanding Digital Currency
  • The G20; North America, Australia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and More!