Partner With Us

We work closely with partners from a wide variety of industries around the world, and we are looking to expand our network. We strive to work closely with our clients and partners to fully understand their needs and those of their user and customer base.

Are you looking for new ways to attract and retain customers and expand your customer base? Is finding new revenue streams a goal for this year? Do you want to offer the most innovative products and solutions to your customers and users?

We work with both strategic partners as well as resellers. Contact us if your organization serves the:

  • Corporate Learning market for management and team development, skills development, customer service, language, healthcare, diversity, and relocation training.
  • Education market for higher education and the K-12 market for international business, management, humanities, social studies, geography, language, and area studies.
  • Global Enthusiast market for media, travel, and hospitality markets.

You will gain a competitive edge and increase your profits by adding our premium-quality knowledge, products, and content to your product or service mix. We also provide extensive marketing support to our partners based on their need and market.