Our best-of-class multimedia learning products contain a unique mix of high-level content presented in engaging, accessible formats, and they’re tailored to meet the needs of a range of audiences around the world. Our dynamic, interactive, and proprietary learning products are delivered through web platforms (Internet, intranet, extranet), eBooks, online videos, and learning management systems. 

Experience Atma Insights for engaging and insightful videos on countries, cultures, and relevant global business topics. 

Our learning and eLearning products equip global professionals, educators, students, and global enthusiasts with essential and comprehensive business and cross-cultural knowledge and skills needed to understand, interact, and succeed in the complex global arena.  

Our eBook series, bWise™, Business Wisdom Worldwide, provides essential and efficient insight on cultures, countries, and global business issues and practices. The series is available in all eBook formats and also on global airplanes as in-flight entertainment. 

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