Cultural Advisory Services

Our Atma® Cultural Advisory Services (CAS) provides thought leadership to global private and public sector institutions and assists them in understanding the impact of culture on their business operations and objectives.

We work with clients to assess the impact, effectiveness, and cultural suitability of business processes and programs. Organizations have utilized our thought knowledge expertise to better assess the impact of culture on specific global operations, including sales and marketing, customer service, technology, training programs, human resources, and strategy and business development — enhancing the effectiveness of their initiatives.

As with all of our efforts and products, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understand their objectives and priorities. Our focus is to assist our global clients in being more effective in doing their work and achieving their short- and long-term goals. A key part of our success is our thought leadership capabilities integrated with our global team of subject-matter experts, who have an intuitive and seasoned understanding of the intersection of business operations and culture, combined with a high level of organizational agility and responsiveness to customer service that exceeds expectations.

Recent examples include:

  • We have reviewed customer service programs to assess the cultural suitability of the messaging, survey questions, and overall materials, focusing on presentation, text, and visuals.
  • We have worked with global firms that have a need to ensure culturally effective communications while achieving business objectives including, during mergers and acquisitions, integrating global workforces, and developing cross-cultural work teams across several countries. For example, we have worked with an American firm merging with its Japanese partner. Our products and capabilities have been used to assist the workforce of a Brazilian firm establishing a partnership with its Chinese manufacturer. An American beverage firm merging with a Mexican firm used our products to train their professionals at each level of the firm, from executives to customer service representatives, on working more effectively with professionals across borders.
  • Our products and services have been used to train flight attendants and pilots on interacting more effectively with customers from different cultures.
  • We have worked with retail chains to train their domestic and country-based teams to develop their customer service cultural competency.
  • We have helped a global hospitality firm assess how culture impacts the implementation of specific training programs (online and instructor-led) to their global workforce and made specific recommendations to enhance the effectiveness.
  • We have advised a multinational firm and their advertising agency on the impact of specific colors, images, and text for global and local advertising and marketing campaigns to ensure cultural suitability and effectiveness.

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