Who We Serve:

Media and Publishing

Atma Global’s extensive library of global videos, images, and text offers a cost-effective source of engaging and informative digital content.

Our proprietary digital database of culture, country, and business content provides a cost- and time-efficient option for licensing.

In addition to providing rights-cleared video, audio, and text content, Atma Global is also available to create custom content and products to provide unique publishing and media solutions that meet a variety of needs.

Our digital library enables us to be a cost-effective and complete solution to publishers in the areas of business, global studies, and social sciences.

We have also developed extensive custom content for the education and corporate learning markets with a focus on international business, management, and global studies.

Airlines have used our multimedia content as in-flight entertainment, providing a unique source of edutainment to their global travelers.


Our digital content, including our eBook series bWise™, Business Wisdom Worldwide, provides essential and efficient insight on cultures, countries, and global business issues and practices. The series is available in all eBook formats and also on global airplanes as in-flight entertainment.

We’re continuing to expand our library with more countries and new footage.