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Business Development

We are looking for business development account executives. An account executive is responsible for developing new business relationships and serving as the first level of support to existing clients. The position responsibilities include: cold-calling prospective clients, maintaining strong relationships with existing accounts, and using creative problem-solving to improve current and new business development strategy.

Qualifications Required

  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills.
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • 2-4 years sales experience.
  • Effective time management.
  • Compensation: Commission-based
  • Location: Flexible

Subject Matter Experts; Presenters, Writers, Editors

We are looking for Subject Matter Experts on countries, cultures, business, and global topics for varied roles including:

  • Developing and/or reviewing country, culture, business, and global topics related learning content.
  • Presenting and training on country, culture, business, and global topics.

Qualifications Required:

  • Ideally, you should be well-versed in your subject area of expertise and be able to communicate the knowledge effectively.
  • A master’s degree or higher in one of the social or human sciences (including anthropology, sociology, political science, country/area studies, history, global affairs, and geography) and/or business.
  • Ideally academic or professional expertise on the country or subject.
  • Subject Matter Experts should have additional expertise on one or more countries, regions, cultures and the following subject areas: history, government, economics, regional geopolitical issues, and military history; local culture, society, values, stakeholder engagement; and organizational applications, business, operations, and management.
  • Ideally, experience of having lived and worked in country/region of expertise within the past decade and for a minimum of one year.
  • Strong understanding of cultural nuances in country or region of expertise and ability to effectively communicate values, behaviors, and nuances.
  • Ability to effectively communicate in written and verbal English.

Writers and Editors

We are looking for writers and editors to work with our country expert teams to organize and edit an extensive amount of written content. Our products are tailored to the needs of different markets, primarily professional and academic.

We are looking for writers who, in addition to creating written text, can help craft engaging, audience-appropriate scripts that bring each culture to life. Writers and editors may be located anywhere in the world but need consistent email access.

Qualifications Required

  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree at the university level.
  • Proven experience as a writer and/or an editor. Please send a sample.
  • Strong ability to effectively and engagingly communicate in written English.
  • Functional computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Word.
  • Compensation: Competitive, based on experience
  • Location: Flexible

Creative Artists and Film Editors

We are looking for strong creatives to work on a project basis developing the digital components of our products. You will have an opportunity to provide creative insight while working within the framework of our business, education, or retail markets. If you like to integrate your creative skills with an understanding of world cultures, please send your CV.

Qualifications Required

  • Strong creative and conceptual vision.
  • Ability to develop storyboards with writers.
  • Dynamic personality and willingness to be part of a team.
  • Proficient technical design skills using standard industry tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Flash, Premier, Final Cut Studio for video/film, Adobe After Effects, etc.
  • Compensation: Competitive, based on experience
  • Location: Flexible

Compensation: Project and fee based.

Availability: Periodically based on project need. Primarily virtual.

Location: Global.

Apply: Please send resume or CV with a cover letter indicating country, culture and global topic expertise.

Email: No phone calls please.

Apply: Please send resume or CV with a cover letter indicating interest and expertise.
Email: No phone calls please.