Atma Learning

Atma Learning provides customized learning solutions to global institutions.  

Organizations understand that culture can impact specific global business operations and objectives, directly impacting revenue and profitability. 

We recognize that in today’s challenging global environment, integrated learning strategies are required to enhance the intellectual capital of any workforce. Training individuals to work across and with different cultures as well as in various cultural contexts is essential for achieving global business objectives. 

Effective learning and knowledge solutions must have as their basis a commitment to 

  • sharpening skills by enhancing professional and personal development; 
  • improving communication, fostering awareness, and building trust; and 
  • aligning with corporate objectives and benchmarks. 
Atma Learning


The key to our unique approach is the philosophy that learning should be enjoyable, engaging, and user-friendly, whether in the classroom or through eLearning. 

Our instructional design is centered on providing a seamless integrated learning process from access to interaction to retention. At the same time, our approach is not to reduce culture to a series of checklists, role-plays, or questions. Rather, these elements support and supplement our detailed proprietary cross-cultural analysis and global business knowledge contained in the programs. 

Similarly, no cross-cultural learning can occur without a significant amount of background information about the society in question. When it comes to people’s attitudes toward work, how they communicate and interact in the workplace, and how they manage and negotiate across cultures, much has to do with the overall context in which society operates. Our analysis and integration of relevant history, society, current trends, and a host of other factors all play into this equation as well. 

More than just a presentation of facts, our learning and knowledge tools provide a comprehensive proprietary analysis that focuses on how all of the factors will impact the user’s interactions with members of a specific culture. 

The hallmark of our innovative learning solutions is the presentation of highly interactive programs that fully engage learners. Our unique strength is our ability to incorporate our extensive global business and cultural expertise into leading-edge, engaging eLearning tools. 

With our groundbreaking approach, learners 

  • gain insight by interacting with the look and feel of a culture, learning through immersion and experience; 
  • have access to the latest cross-cultural academic theory, which is integrated seamlessly into our programs; and 
  • understand how to effectively work in today’s complex global environment, benefitting from our approach of honest optimism. 

Our eLearning programs help people develop a high level of cultural sensitivity and competency to enhance communications, build trust, and improve interactions. Our proprietary content is produced by teams of highly trained professionals and seasoned country experts from around the world. 

Atma Global is committed to integrating the best-of-class learning methodologies and techniques into its programs.  At the same time, we work with clients to ensure that our solutions can be incorporated into a client’s online environments as well as other technology delivery options as appropriate.