Our Products & Services:

Atma Learning

Customized eLearning and instructor-led training solutions for global institutions.


Align Learning Solutions to Business Goals

Organizations increasingly understand that culture can impact specific global business operations and objectives, directly impacting revenues and profitability. 

Results-Driven Learning Solutions

Global organizations have utilized our eLearning and instructor-led training solutions, often in conjunction with our Cultural Advisory expertise, to address the impact of culture on specific global operations, enhancing the overall effectiveness of their initiatives.

Integrate Culture into DE&I Solutions

Offers global institutions efficient ways to integrate workforce development programs and portals, enhancing profitability and achieving organizational objectives. Learn more.

Atma Learning’s customized programs focus on consultative touchpoints, integrating needs analysis, learning content delivery, and post-evaluation assessments.

In today’s challenging global environment, integrated learning strategies are required to enhance the intellectual capital of any workforce.


Effective learning and knowledge solutions must have as their basis a commitment to:

  • sharpening skills by enhancing professional and personal development;

  • improving communication, fostering awareness, and building trust; and

  • aligning with corporate objectives and benchmarks.

Examples of our work


We have developed customized instructor-led and eLearning programs for:

Travel & Hospitality: Global flight attendants, gate agents, customer service representatives, and pilots to enhance customer experience and improve customer satisfaction metrics with global travelers—resulting in enhanced revenues and profitability.

Global firms to better integrate global workforces and improve communications and efficiencies in work teams across countries and cultures.

Customer-facing industries to develop the customer service cultural competency of their domestic and country-based teams.

Scientific teams to communicate and develop trust with stakeholders across countries and cultures.

Corporations, libraries, universities, and public- and private-sector institutions to incorporate our learning products to their intranets and learning management systems for expanded course offerings.