Our Team

Our team has a proven track record of producing high-quality and effective country, culture, and global business knowledge programs for a variety of audiences and markets. Our mission and methodology have been developed to bring to life countries and cultures around the globe using a variety of technology platforms. We have set a new standard in multimedia cultural learning by combining the best in content with flexible and interactive technology.


Our content is the work of seasoned experts developed in accordance with our unique content methodology. Our team of experts are experienced academics, researchers, journalists, and business people. They are highly trained, with each person possessing a master’s degree or PhD in business or the human sciences. All have experience working and living around the world. We use an exhaustive process of checks and balances to ensure accuracy, quality, and integrity. Our teams create engaging, unbiased, and accurate material that brings each country and culture to life.


To showcase our world-class content, we utilize flexible technology formats that are interactive and easy to use, maximizing users’ abilities to navigate and retain information. Our technology formats are truly user-focused—they are fully customizable, work on any type of platform and browser, and allow users to choose their desired content and delivery format. We are the first to offer global culture as well as country and global business knowledge in this dynamic, interactive multi-media format.


Our team of experienced photographers and film editors create moving visuals that tell the complete story of a country and its people and immerse users in the local sights and sounds. Our proprietary footage includes recent in-country images and authentic business role-plays that illustrate essential cultural knowledge. Our professional narration provides each user with an engaging experience and reinforces the learning process.