Company Overview: Atma Global is an award-winning developer of innovative learning solutions focusing on countries, cultures, business, and global topics for the corporate, government, travel, and education markets. We deliver effective business and learning solutions integrating Business, Cultures, Countries, Global Affairs, Education, and Technology. At our core competence, we’re country, culture, business, and global affairs experts. We’re a recognized leader in the field of business and cross-cultural learning.

Core Competencies

  • Developer and Publisher of Global Learning and Training Solutions
  • Provider of Cultural Advisory Services and Learning Solutions for Interacting, Communicating, and Managing Across and Within Cultures
  • Developer and Delivery of Customer Service Cultural Competency Learning Solutions
  • Developer and Advisor for Culturally Attentive Customer Experience Solutions
  • Developer and Delivery of Entrepreneurship and Management Trainings
  • Global Analysis and Country, Culture, and Area Studies
  • Specializing in Overseas Cultural and Competency Preparedness
  • Supports International Relocation Training
  • Consulting Services for Export Preparedness and Promotion
  • Provider of Educational Resources as Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Cultural Competency Research and Training Development
  • Provider of Cultural Competency for Healthcare
  • Cultural Assessment of Advertising and Marketing Solutions


Our Award-winning Solutions and Products are customizable:

Global Subject-Matter Expert Network Team. Our seasoned global experts are as diverse as our rich content. As a group, they are diverse in terms of race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, geographic location, and experience. As experienced academics and professionals, our experts are highly trained, possess a master’s degree or PhD in business or the human sciences, and have experience working and living in specific countries.

Atma Cultural Advisory provides thought leadership to global private and public-sector institutions and assists them in understanding the impact of culture on their business operations and objectives.

Atma Learning provides customized eLearning and instructor-led training solutions for global institutions on doing business, communicating, managing, and working across cultures using our proprietary methodology. Our proprietary customized programs focus on consultative touchpoints, integrating needs analysis, learning content delivery, and post-evaluation assessments.

Atma Insights is an award-winning, reliable digital resource for accurate proprietary learning videos on countries, cultures, business, and global topics across Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. Provides a value-adding, reliable, cost- and time-efficient, and accurate resource tool to support personal and professional development.

Company Data

DUNS Number: 169882052
CAGE Code: 8UoZ3
EIN: *****5591

NAICS Codes:
611430, 611699, 611710, 611559, 611519
541512, 541611, 541612, 541613, 541910, 541720,
541890, 541618
511210, 519130, 519190, 511130,

PSC Codes:
AF11, AF12, AF13, AF14, AF15, AF21, AF22,
AF23, AF24, AF25, AF31, AF32, AF33, AF34,
AF35, AM11, AM14
B521, B538, B542, B548, B549, B553, B599
R408, R420, R422, R423, R424, R426, R431,
R497, R499, R605, R699, R701, R708, R799
U001, U004, U006, U008, U009, U099
7630; UNSPSC 80101508

SAM Registration: Active
Socio-Economic Certifications: WBENC
Accepting Credit Cards: Yes
Business Size: SB

Federal Designations:
Women-Owned Small Business
(WOSB); Subcontinent Asian (Asian-Indian) American Owned

Company History: 2003
Woman, Minority Owned:
Founder & CEO, Sanjyot Dunung,
globally recognized, serial entrepreneur, award-winning cross-cultural and global business expert; Author of 16 business books & textbooks.

EdTech Finalist Award, New Product 2022; Gold Stevie Award 2021; Bronze Stevie Award 2021 and 2020 Professional Solution; Instructional Curriculum; International eLearning Association 2020; AmCham Business Transformation: Women in Business Award 2021; 2021 Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award.

Example of Works

We have developed customized instructor-led and eLearning programs for:

Corporations, libraries, universities, and public- and private-sector institutions to incorporate our learning products to their intranets and learning management systems for expanded course offerings.

Customer-facing industries to develop the customer service cultural competency of their domestic and country-based teams.

Global firms to better integrate global workforces and improve communications and efficiencies in work teams across countries and cultures.

Scientific teams to communicate and develop trust with stakeholders across countries and cultures.

Travel & Hospitality professionals, including global flight attendants, gate agents, customer service representatives, and pilots to enhance customer experience and improve customer satisfaction metrics with global travelers—resulting in enhanced revenues and profitability.

We have worked with a wide range of institutions in the corporate, travel, education, and government markets.

We have worked with global firms to analyze the impact of culture on strategy and operations, integrating teams during mergers and acquisitions, and assessing new markets for products and services.

We have worked with firms in the travel, hospitality, and retail industries to analyze the impact of culture on their customer experience across markets around the world, integrating analytics assessments.

We have advised global firms and advertising agencies on the impact of specific colors, images, text, and video for global and local advertising and marketing campaigns to ensure cultural suitability and effectiveness.

We have reviewed customer service programs to assess the cultural suitability of the messaging, survey questions, and overall materials, including presentation, text, and visuals.

Past Performance

Details of past performance and references available upon request.

34 W 27th St Fl 6 New York, NY 10001-6907 United States