Atma Global Awarded GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract

New York, NY (March 12, 2024) — Atma Global (Atma) has been awarded a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract by the General Services Administration (GSA), the procurement wing of the federal government. This award includes a five-year contract with three five-year extension periods with the first period being February 8, 2024 through February 7, 2029.  


Atma is a developer of innovative learning solutions focusing on countries, cultures, business and global topics for the corporate, government, travel and education markets. The company integrates its understanding of business and social sciences methodologies to derive perspectives on the global forces shaping business, government and society.  


The first MAS contract award allows Atma to provide federal, state and local government agencies access to its unique learning solutions including Atma Insights, the company’s award-winning digital subscription service that curates unique educational videos combined with the company’s proprietary methodology with unbiased, objective and accurate analysis. Dubbed a “Netflix-style solution” for learning, the online platform offers users access to global learning content not found anywhere else.  Government buyers benefit from discounted subscription pricing for Atma Insights and can leverage the optimal learning solution for civilian and military personnel based in the US and at overseas locations to help increase institutional productivity, improve trust with local stakeholders and ensure mission readiness. 


Additionally, the second MAS contract enables government agencies to utilize Atma’s critically acclaimed consultative training programs to deliver customized global, actionable curriculums to meet agency needs and benchmarked goals.  


The third MAS contract provides options for government agencies to use Atma’s  Advisory Services which provides unique thought leadership and assistance to public-sector institutions to understand the impact of culture on their institutional operations and objectives through comprehensive tailored solutions.   


Atma’s MAS contract award comes after the GSA conducted an extensive review of the company’s performance, abilities and history to ensure it will provide impactful and cost-efficient solutions to the government. 


“We are honored to have been selected by the GSA for multiple contract awards to help the federal government integrate flexible and actionable learning solutions with proprietary content in digital eLearning and classroom-based formats,” said Sanjyot Dunung, founder and CEO of Atma Global. “There has never been a more crucial time for both private and public entities to remain hyper-focused and attuned to the many global topics and issues fundamentally impacting operational relationships and results today. Atma is proud to provide the public sector with our portfolio of unique learning solutions and content to help them achieve their goals.” 



About Atma Global   

Atma Global is an award-winning developer and publisher of innovative global learning solutions focusing on countries, cultures, business and global topics for the corporate, government, travel and education markets. The firm’s digital content has been used by almost three million professionals, educators, students and global enthusiasts. Organizations have utilized Atma’s customized and off-the-shelf learning and training solutions as well as their advisory expertise to better assess the impact of culture on specific global operations, including global strategy, business development, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing, training programs, customer service, and human resources—enhancing the overall effectiveness of their initiatives. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn. 


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