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Spotlight on Canada, The World’s Second Largest Country

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As the second largest country in the world covering most of the northern part of the North American continent, Canada has an extremely varied geography. From its majestic mountains to its rugged coast lines, Canadians prize their beautiful country.



Canada – A Melting Pot


With a history of rich diversity, Canada has welcomed people from around the world for decades. With deeply ingrained values of being egalitarian and open, the country is a melting pot of global cultures. As a result, people are encouraged to retain their cultural identities, traditions, languages, and customs.


Canadians Love for Nature

As welcoming as Canadians are, they value their unique identity and bristle at the thought of being confused with their economically larger southern neighbor, the USA. Canadians love to travel and explore — and they’re interested in what goes on over the border, both to their south and around the world.



Canadians – Friendly, Tolerant and Polite

Portrait of successful friends doing business together

The country’s individualistic culture permeates all aspects of life. In business, merit based achievement and education along with taking personal initiative are valued. Canadians will take some business risks, but less so than Americans. In business, Canadians are friendly, tolerant, and polite. Conservative and respectful in their business protocol, they prefer emails and communications with a proper salutation — and will always add a greeting like “Hi” or “Dear” and a person’s name. They expect the same in return.

Despite the multiethnic local culture, there’s a distinctly Canadian business culture that has emerged over the years with unique differences in business practices, attitudes, and traditions. Whether in initial interactions or negotiating a successful deal, understanding the local business culture is essential for success.